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More On Reed Diffusers


More On Reed Diffusers



One very popular form of home fragrancing that has taken the community by storm lately is called Reed Diffusers. Allow me to enlighten your knowledge by giving you a more detailed explanation on reed diffusers.

Reed diffusers are a way to fragrance any space that could use a little freshening. Reeds are normally made of rattan and are comprised of "channels". If you were to zoom on the bottom of the reed, you will see that they resemble hollowed out tubes. When you put the reeds into the blended diffuser oil, the oil gets sucked up like how you drink from a straw. When that occurs, the oil will then be released into the air through a natural process called evaporation.

The scented oil is made up of a reed diffuser base with aroma oil added to it. When you are about to purchase any kits, do make sure that the oils are designed specifically for reed diffusers. The best diffuser oil that you could get is normally made up of uncut aroma oils mixed with a base that does not contain alcohol or dipropylene glycol. This is because alcohol evaporates too quickly and might cause you to end up buying more oils. The Diffusery is a reputable reed diffuser supplier online and can answer any questions you may have about reed diffusers.

Another point to take note is that you have to avoid oils with dipropylene glycol. This is because the properties of DPG are a little too thick for the fragrance to travel up the reeds, which ultimately defeats the purpose of fragrancing your home. To achieve the best results, it is best to check with the retailers about whether the oil that you are about to purchase, contains DPG or alcohol. Reputable retailers include sites such as The Diffusery.

Another thing to consider before purchasing is that you have to make to make sure that reeds are made of rattan. There is a lot of misconception that reeds are made from bamboo. Bamboo reeds will not work as well as rattan simply because it contains nodes instead of channels. It does not allow the fragrance to be channeled out completely into the air. You have spent your money on diffuser oils. The last thing you would ever want is to NOT smell the fragrance in your home. Do not believe articles telling that you can make your reed with bamboos. It is always better to purchase from an honest retailer whom already has experience with reed diffusers. If a retailer tells you that reeds are made from bamboos, head for the nearest exit and search for another one. He/she is obviously not a trustworthy and honest retailer.


As heavenly as the scent is, do NOT eat the reeds ! Reed diffusers are definitely a safer alternative as compared to candles. They do not have the risk of catching fire or leaving any soot smell behind. This is also probably why it took the community by storm when it was launched.


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