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Reed Diffusers: A Safe Alternative To Candles


Reed Diffusers: A Safe Alternative To Candles 


     While candles often have very pleasant scents, they also bring some unwelcome additions to your home: open flame, smoke, and soot. They are easy to spill, and can leave burn marks on walls or ceilings or wax residue on furniture. If you are interested in adding pleasant fragrances to your home or to other spaces, you may have heard about reed diffusers as an alternative to scented candles. A reed diffuser draws scented oils from a vase into long, attractive reed sticks that release the scent into the air slowly. The scented oil evaporates slowly, making reed diffusers cost effective, but the aromatic scent of the oil is strong enough to fill the room.


     Because reed diffusers require no heat, they are safe to use around children and pets. Unlike scented candles which cannot be left unattended, you can feel confident in adding reed diffusers to any room in your house at any time. Even wickless candles, which melt wax over a light bulb, still generate a significant amount of heat in order to transmit the fragrance into the air, which can cause a fire hazard and leave marks on tables. Reed diffusers offer a worry-free solution to add fragrance without these risks.


     Reed diffusers are also a compelling choice for aesthetic reasons. As scented candles burn, they can become misshapen and unslightly. Even candles in glass jars will often have wax drips and sooty marks that are not pleasing to the eye. A reed diffuser maintains the same attractive appearance whether it is new or has been in use for weeks. Reed diffuser bottles and vases are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs that can fit your home decor or even serve as a centerpiece on your table.


      Because just a few ounces of oil can last for months of continuous use, reed diffusers are popular among people who enjoy long-lasting scents. Scented oils for diffusers are available in a wide variety of fragrances, and the same diffuser base can be used again and again.





Dawn Turner, currently residing in a small town in central Wisconsin is the proud mom of two teenagers. She is an expert in fragrance diffusion and owns The diffusery sells quality reed diffusers and supplies. Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and take long bubble baths.





Please feel free to reprint this article with By Line and author profile in tact and all links live and clickable. Copyright is reserved by author.



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