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Scented Sachet Envelopes: "Scent"-sational Memories


“Scent”-sational Memories

Kristian Roddy


Imagine lounging in a freshly bloomed grass field on the first day of spring, laying on a smooth cotton sheet while peering at white puffs of clouds as they slowly drift across a baby blue sky. You close your eyes, allowing the warm sun to caress your skin and chase away the chill that still lingers from winter. A soft breeze dances across your face as you breathe deeply of the fresh spring air - sweet without being cloying, fruity but not citrusy, floral. Lilacs. They smell fresh and clean and sweet and innocent. They smell of lazy spring entwined with memories of sweet Mother's Days and cheerful family gatherings at Easter. As this memory fades, those feelings do, too. But, scented sachets and envelopes just might provide the perfect memory catcher to help you relive those moments again and again.


Scented sachets and envelopes may be placed in as many locations as your imagination elicits. You can relive that fresh spring afternoon as you walk past a Lilac scented sachet discretely hanging behind your curtains. Hidden between books on a bookshelf, Mountain Air scented envelopes can entice memories of the crisp mountain air into a stuffy library. Perhaps you prefer Indigo sachets placed in your closet to infuse your clothing with a musky, sexy smell that evokes visions of exotic destinations. Pumpkin Spice scented envelopes may be placed in a vacuum bag to weave memories of freshly baked Christmas cookies through each room of your house. Hang Caramel Latte scented sachets from a rear view mirror in your car to create an invigorating atmosphere. Jasmine Vanilla scented envelopes can be hidden under sofa cushions for a puff of scent each time someone sits. Distribute Calla Lily scented sachets in designer bags as wedding favors for a unique scent-memory of your special day. Lavender scented envelopes can be stashed in a drawer at work for a breath of calmness when your day becomes tense. You can keep your stored linens smelling as fresh as the day they were washed with Clean Cotton scented envelopes. The possibilities are as endless as each unique scent.


To purchase a scented sachet, you only need to look as far as your computer screen. For example, Clean Cotton scented envelopes may be purchased from Indigo Reed Diffusers. Or perhaps you prefer the oh so calming Lavender scented envelopes from The Diffusery. Both sites pride themselves on working one on one with customers until satiated with the perfect scent. Can't find the scent you want, or can't decide which is a perfect match for you? They offer custom scents and personalized services. So go ahead, click on those links and take a look around. Relax in a lilac spring afternoon during the wet, cold months of winter. Get ready for the holidays by weaving pumpkin spice throughout your house. Indulge in “scent”-sational memories.



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