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Reed Diffusers General Information

REED DIFFUSERS: General Information

By Anwar Dasharee

The use of fragrance oils to freshen the interiors of offices and homes has become highly popular in recent times and this popularity itself has created many new options in the world of fragrances. A person can get physical and psychological benefits by inhaling fragrance oils. Using an aromatherapy diffuser is one way to get full benefit from the aroma of useful essential oils and this also helps in scenting a room.

Using a reed diffuser provides an advantage to the consumers  because it supplies a pleasant aroma without the need for electricity or flame. Reed diffusers can be used in locations where candles are not allowed- such as fire restricted areas, offices and dorm rooms.

The use of reed diffusers also restricts the amount of ash, smoke and the carbon residue in comparison to the use of candles.

Reed diffusers have an additional advantage which is that they last a long time without a re-fill so one can also say that reed diffusers are cost effective as well.

The major principle behind the operation of a reed diffuser is very simple as the fragrance filled oil moves upwards in the reeds and after that it disperses the aroma into the air. If the consumer uses more reeds then stronger scent will be produced. A person can easily control the amount of scent produced by the reed diffusers by adjusting the number of reeds used.

One should always use the reed diffusers with great care as because if the oil of the reed diffusers is spilled then it can remove or damage the finish of any surface.

Most of the reed diffusers are environment friendly as they emit no NO soot or film onto the walls, ceiling and furniture. Many of the products are alcohol free and they also contain no DPG and other harsh chemical surfactants.

This new innovation of reed diffusers is one of the latest things in the air freshening technology. Many companies of fragrance lamps and candles are rising up to the challenge for the production of reed diffusers and the consumers are also expected to favor the purchase of reed diffusers.



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