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Reed Diffusers Are Everywhere !


by Connie Lefur

Reed diffusers are becoming more popular among the masses due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance and affordable price point. In reed diffusion, rattan reeds are inserted into a bottle of fragrant oil.  The reeds act as a conduit and become wet by absorbing the fragrant oil. Scent is then emitted naturally into the air by evaporation.

Adding more reeds to the bottle increases the amount of fragrance dispersed into the air therefore making the scent stronger. One bottle of quality reed diffuser oil lasts for several months so it is also economical option for home fragrancing.

Gone are the days when scent choices were limited to lavender or vanilla. Online retailers such as and offer more than 60 scents including scents such as cinnamon buns,  orange cupcake, caramel latte, teakwood and citrus, strawberry jam and mountain air to name a few. There is certainly enough scent choices to ensure that everyone can find a scent they love.

Reed diffusers are meant to be more subtle in nature and, in my opinion, work better in smaller rooms such as powder rooms or cubicles.  You can use multiple diffusers to scent larger rooms or office areas. Reeds should be changed when they become oversaturated or clogged with dust particles. Adding food coloring to the oil is also a great way to spice up any rooms decor ! (And yes- the color travels up the reeds as well !)

I avoid large retailers like Wal-mart or Dollar Tree type stores as they carry cheap, imported oils that are not high in quality and do not last long. Reed diffuser oils are not federally mandated for quality outside of The United States- so imports are cheap and are not always of the best quality. Quality retailers offer diffuser oils that are alcohol and free of chemical surfactants. If in doubt- ask your retailer.



Connie Lefur is a wife and mother from central Iowa who writes short story pieces for top parenting websites throughout the US and Canada. This article may be reposted with links and byline in tact.


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