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Safe and Versatile Reed Diffusers


The reed diffuser has been around for centuries now. However, in the past it was predominantly used in Europe where it kept homes filled with wonderful aromatic fragrances. Europeans that lived along the Mediterranean coast used empty olive oil bottles for reed diffusers. Of course, this is just one of the many different types of bottles that you can use to fill with aromatic oils.

Regardless of the type of bottle that is used, reed diffusers are an excellent alternative to scented candles. This is because they are more natural since they use reeds, which act like straws, to bring oil up out of the bottle where it can be released (evaporate) into the air.

Another nice thing about reed diffusers is that they can be just as decorative as a candle. You can choose a wide array of shapes and colored reed diffuser bottles so you will be able to easily find one that will match your home’s décor. This makes them versatile enough to be placed anywhere.

Once you place them you won’t have to replace or refill them for several months, which is longer than any artificial candle or air freshener can last. At the same time though, you will still be able to achieve the same scenting effect as you would with a candle only without the worry of fire. For this reason, they are considered to be safe around children since the worst thing that could happen is that you would spill the oil.

Reed diffusers really are a great, cost effective way in which to add a touch of aromatherapy to your home. They are both inexpensive and versatile so everyone can use them both at home and at work. So, take some time to check them out for yourself and see just how wonderful they really are.


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