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Using Reed Diffuser For Happier Holidays


Using Reed Diffusers For Happier Holidays

   There's nothing more inviting than stepping into a home that smells wonderful and this is particularly true during the holidays. The traditional smells that we associate with the holidays aren't always available through actual baking and decorating, so using reed diffusers is the perfect method of infusing your home with those delightful scents.

   Not all of us have the time to be Martha Stewart, decorating the house like a magazine and baking wondrous concoctions for the holidays. In the real world, most people are so busy they end up buying their pumpkin pies and decorated sugar cookies. That does't mean you can't have some extra holiday cheer, though!

  Reed diffusers can be used to add one of the most important features of the holidays to your home . . . the scents !The aroma of the holidays is something that can bring back memories years down the road. You might be surprised to find yourself taking a little trip down memory lane when you uncap a bottle of reed diffuser oil.

  Using reed diffuser oils with scents like pine, cranberry or pumpkin can really add a whole new sensory experience to the holidays. Scents such as these can be found at The Diffusery. Try mixing and matching scents for an even more interesting experience. For example, you might try having cranberry or spices scenting the entryway, vanilla in the bedroom and pumpkin in the kitchen. They will all blend to create a unique holiday mix.

  Of course, if you prefer something simpler, you could just purchase a pre-mixed holiday blend diffuser oil and use it in a couple of areas throughout the home. Even if you live alone and have no plans for visitors in the near future, it's nice to walk into an apartment that smells just like Christmas at Grandma's. I particularily like Home For The Holidays from The Diffusery . (It's a nice premixed combo of many holiday aromas !)

  Since reed diffuser oils last a good long time, you'll have plenty to keep the holiday spirit alive long after the gifts have all been unwrapped and the gingerbread eaten. Diffuser oils will last up to 4 months, depending on the conditions, so you could technically have Christmas at home for a third of the year. Just keep turning the reed every week or so, to encourage the scent to stay strong.

  The holidays are so much better with the aromas of pine, cranberries and pumpkin spices floating through the air. And with a reed diffuser, it literally takes seconds to create a whole new atmosphere in your home.



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