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Making The Most Of Your Reed Diffuser



Making The Most Of Your Reed Diffuser


So, you've got your new kit of reed diffusers, complete with the bottle of fragrance, now what? While the obvious thing to do is put the reeds into the oil, there are quite a few little tips that will allow you to make the most of your new fragrance dispenser.


  • When you first receive a new kit, be sure to swirl the reed diffuser oil before using. This will help all the ingredients mix and you'll have a smoother flow of aroma. This is particularly true with blends like a pumpkin pie scent where more than one smell is included.
  • Let your reeds soak for 15 minutes the first time, then flip them over. This allows the oil to penetrate the reed channels faster and you'll be enjoying that new scent far sooner.
  • Flipping the reeds every week will help keep the scent strong throughout the room. It's a good idea to use a piece of tissue to hold the reed if you don't want the oil to get on your fingers. Remember that it's all through the reeds, so the outsides will be somewhat oily.
  • By flipping less often, you can extend the life of the reed diffuser oil and keep the scent fairly low key. Flip more often for a stronger aroma, but be prepared to replace the oil sooner, as well.
  • Another way to increase the amount of fragrance being released is to add more reeds. Each one will boost the amount of oil being lifted out of the jar and released into the air. Likewise, reducing the number of reeds will result in a lesser scent, ideal for a more subtle environment or smaller rooms like a small guest room or bathroom.
  • Swirl the oil once or twice a week to give the scent a little "kick".


Reed diffusers are a great alternative to regular methods of scenting and if you know how to use them properly, you'll be able to create exactly the type of aromatic environment that you want to be in. It's all a matter of knowing how many reeds to use and when to flip them.




Dawn Turner, an expert in fragrance diffusion, owns The diffusery sells reed diffusers and Reed Diffuser Refill Oils. Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and watch reality TV.



Please feel free to reprint this article with By Line and author profile in tact and all links live and clickable. Copyright is reserved by author.


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