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Using Reed Diffusers In Your Business



 Using Reed Diffusers In Your Business



Our working environments are very important to productivity. Whether you run a retail business or simply work in an office, reed diffusers can help create a more productive environment. There are a couple of ways to make this happen, depending on who you are affecting with the aromas.



Keeping your employees alert and interested in working can be difficult at the best of times, but as a long work day draws to a close, you'll find that people tend to get distracted and sleepy. It's in our nature, but with the right scent, you can boost morale and increase productivity. Studies have also shown that the right smells can even reduce stress in an office environment.

Great smells to use with your reed diffusers within the office or employee area include the following:

Rose – reduces stress and increases brain function for mathematical operations

Lemon – increases memory and concentration

Jasmine – boosts confidence and increases energy

Sandalwood – eliminates stress and helps fight fatigue

Any of these is a good scent to use with your employees. They can be quite beneficial and if you are using a reed diffuser, the scent will last for months, keeping everyone on their toes.



When you first walk into a store, the smell is one of the ways you subconsciously judge the space. There have been numerous studies done on the effect of scent on how people shop and it's quite an important area that most businesses neglect.

Matching the aroma to the type of merchandise you sell can be useful. For example, jasmine or lavender scents in gardening center are perfect and can bring back memories of a grandmother's garden, stimulating nostalgia and increasing purchases. For a kitchenware shop, a cinnamon bun diffuser oil works well to add to the overall shopping experience.

You don't need to have a kitchen or gardening space to use a reed diffuser, however. Did you know that women are more likely to buy clothing when the section smells of vanilla? Men tend to be in the mood to buy when surrounded by food smells like cinnamon bun or pumpkin pie. That being said, just about any pleasant fragrance will make a store more welcoming.

Reed diffusers are so easy to use that you can just set them up and then forget about them, except for turning the reeds once a week or so. This means that your business can improve and work more efficiently through the use of aromatherapy and you won't be needing to constantly light candles or change the potpourri. Reed diffuser oils come in so many scents that you can simply choose the ones that would work for your business and it's very simple to implement.




Dawn Turner, an expert in fragrance diffusion, owns The diffusery sells reed diffusers and Reed Diffuser Oil Refills. Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and watch reality TV.



Please feel free to reprint this article with By Line and author profile in tact and all links live and clickable. Copyright is reserved by author.

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