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Aroma Burners

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Aroma burners are also commonly referred to as tart warmers, tart burners, oil burners, scent warmer, fragrance oil burners, scent burners, oil warmers, fragrance warmers or fragrance burners.


Aroma burners are used to heat fragrance oil or melt wax candle tarts to scent your home. Fragrance oil (in the amount about the size of a quarter) or a wax candle tart is placed in the top bowl of the warmer. A tealight candle is lit beneath the bowl to heat the bowl. The fragrance oil then heats up (or the wax tart melts) and releases fragrance into the air.


Our 1.15ml  vial sizes are the perfect amount of oil for your oil burner. We offer over 50 scents to choose from. We also sell 1 oz. sizes as well. Our 1 oz. sized bottles of fragrance oil are enough to fill your aroma burner more than 25 times !


Aroma Burner Directions:

Place one vial (1.15ml) of fragrance oil into top of clean aroma burner. Light the tealight candle beneath it. You will start to smell the aromas as soon as the oil heats up. After 10 minutes, extinguish (blow out) candle. The scent lingers for a long time in the air. Caution: Never leave a burning candle unattended.



Aroma Burner Chocolate Brown
Aroma Burner Chocolate Brown
Out of Stock
Aroma Burner Ivory
Aroma Burner Ivory
Yin and Yang Aroma Oil Burner
Yin and Yang Aroma Oil Burner
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